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Valfire's News

Posted by Valfire - December 6th, 2016

Has it been over three years already?


Doesn't seem like long ago I came to NG, hoping to rally up any sort of support for the next installment of the Shantae series.

And I finally got to sit down and play through the early backer exclusive verson for myself.


Coming from the previous installments, I can honestly say this game is legit.

I personally was distraught they announced they weren't going with sprites anymore shortly before Pirate's Curse was released.


And yet, to see how brilliantly colorful & well animated this game was.

This was without a doubt a step in the right direction for the Shantae series.


Admittedly I had no real idea who Shantae was until about 2012 when I came across a favorite character sort of meme.

Goes to show those things are useful for introducing interesting series & characters.


Somewhere between the lines Shantae rose in popularity and publicity.

Of course this is all just merely my perspective of things.


Thinking back to the ending of the Kickstarter, how they had a 24 hour marathon at the WayForward office(?)

Though I have secured all the video streams on a Bluray somewhere, I wish I could have recorded the twitch chat as well.

Alas my hardware wasn't quite up to the task.


Perhaps i'll upload those vidos on youtube sometime.

It's worth it to see Matt playing that beta of Risky's Revolution, or Shantae 1.5 as I like to call it.

It's a pretty brilliant concept with the way the revolution system works with the level layout.


And I was pleased to see some reoccuring elements redone into ½ Genie Hero.

I do hope they do something with the revolving levels in a future title, as well as the return of Spanky Joe.


To educate one's self it's required to view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGAIWQfYQWk

Personally I think this still looks to be what could have been the greatest GBA game.

Such fantastic ideas and execution!

They brought Shantae back from the dead, almost to a household name.

(Well maybe not quite but I will say her series is by far one of my favorites)


I want to see Risky's Revolution repurposed & reused in a new Shantae entry!

Of course to the newcomers, one may be scared off by the difficulty of the first game.


And admittedly I couldn't blame them.

The first one had it's flaws as well as it's perks.

Like a Day / Night system, multiple towns, and I daresay a lengthier entry in the series.


But the difficulty in it was also the real deal.

Mostly due to the pitfalls.

As well as that treacherous stretch from Scuttle Town to Water Town.


And yet... Although the first Shantae game was technically a commercial failure.

(Which you have the release of the GBA a year before to thank for that)


Regardless this is one of those series & games anyone can just pick up and play.

Especially the latter entries.


I just find myself wanting another open world entry with a day / night system.

With multiple towns and the like.

As well, as one thing I loved about Pirate's Curse & Risky's Revenge.

Was the ability to visit the outside of Shantae's home.


I always kind of wanted to enter it freely alas they never quite made it so as of yet.

Perhaps purchase furnishing or decorations for it would be a fun thing to do with extra gems.


I swear theres more that needs to happen there, like the game usually starts off at Shantae's house and that's generally all you see of it for the rest of the game.

Although Shantae ½ Genie Hero & Pirate's Curse show you the inside of her lighthouse.


Yet still no free entry at the player's leisure.

Not just the outside!
Grieves me a bit it does.


Getting back to the Kickstarter.

I feel that the game was pretty bare in a sense, like, the additional chapters provided by the kickstarter.

'Fire & Forget', and 'Sequin of Unfortunate Events'.

Had they not been funded I couldn't imagine how short this game would have been.

I guess the format changed alot during development, though considering how polished it all is, it's quite acceptable.


None the less.

It's amazing really to see how far Shantae has come.


To see her revived and thriving better than ever fourteen years later.

WayForward always had a certain flavor to their colorful vibrant character designs.


So whats next for WayForward?

Mayhaps a new project, or perhaps a return of Sigma Star Saga?

(That's wishful hoping on my part alas)


We are indeed living in a good time my friends.

WayForward truly is living up to their name.


Posted by Valfire - September 2nd, 2015

Well the rally for Animus was some fail it was!

But I regret nothing for i've been wanting to see the finale of that series for over a decade now.


And really with classics like FFF: Gaiden, what oldie wouldn't?

None the less I owe alot of my desire to flash to SplashKat and his FFF series so I did and gave what I could.


Up to myself in bills right now.


As well as i've just been thinking about Life in general.


Everyone usually seems to be striving for something.

Some of us even striving for something our fellows already have, and vice versa.


There's like an inevitable looming feel of the pressures of society forcing us into a molding we're not designed or ready for.


I don't know how many of these perspectives about life i've done, though I always seem to be coming back to do more.

I used to Flash simply for fun and to make people laugh.

And in recent years my storytelling has taken a detour into unfamiliar territory.


Perhaps if I were responsible for some mass tragedy or somthing of equal legend it may one day all mean somthing.

Or at least leave behind to mystify people.


In ways I regret alot of things, though really they say life is what you make of it.

Though I don't entirely find this to be true as sometimes I genuinely feel that sometime a higher power is a saddist.


It pains me to live to see so much suffering and legend upon legend dying.

And what when it comes to my family's time, what then?



There were alot of truths passed down to me, and yet..

There was always those times that never add up to any form of sense regardless of the lens or perspective.



There's too many questions and not enough answers, or at least credible ones.

Perhaps i'll continue this rant or most likely produce another one at some point but.


Never hurts to write stuff down I suppose.




Posted by Valfire - July 19th, 2015

It's been ages since SplashKhat has graced us with another entry in the Final Fighting Fantasy saga.

So long has it been even I considered it something that wouldn ever happen.


Until today, I browsed the portal and saw the man himself had posted none other than a remake of Final Fighting Fantasy Chapter 1.

And not only that.


SplashKat has opened up an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the final chapter of the Final Fighting Fantasy franchise after ten years!



Coming from an old NG Portal dweller, this project actually means quite alot to me as i've longed to see the final entry for well over a decade now.

And todays the day we can finally see this thing happen.


Let's band the old fans together and make this thing happen people!




Posted by Valfire - October 8th, 2013

I am pleased to announce that Shantae ½ Genie Hero's funding has reached a total of 820k!
Totally doubling the required funds!

Also we acquired the Risky Mode, Two additional game chapters, and alternate oufits!
So big congrats to everyone who helped make this possible!

In case you missed the livestream of the 24 hour countdown, you can view it here...

Unfortunately... It was a short lived victory.
It grieves me to say that the funding has just been stolen by Risky Boots herself!
She and her Tinkerbats have sailed off into the sunset with the 820K. :(

Shantae:  Funding Ended


Posted by Valfire - September 15th, 2013

Well, as luck would have it.
Not only would we get one awesome looking Kickstarter up but two of them!

That's right, as most know about Mighty No 9.
Which is the successor to the Blue Bomber after Capcom screwed the pooch.
*and not to mention our Legends 3 sequel*

Setting this news aside, there is a higher topic that needs discussion!
There's also another fine 2D game that needs kickstarting!

And... that is Shantae: ½ Genie Hero!

What is Shantae you ask?
Well Shantae is a lovely female half genie whom is the sole defender of Scuttletown!
And these are the adventures of Shantae as she and her friends defend Sequin Land from the devious antics of lady pirate Risky Boots and her minions!

If you love 2D platforming at some of it's finest, as well as collecting all the hidden collectibles using acquired abilities as the game progresses, then this is the perfect answer!

Not to mention some of the best character animation available!
Don't believe me?

Check out the track record of Wayforward and judge for yourself!

Whether your new to the series or simply a fan of Wayforward, or traditional 2D action, this is a game you won't want to miss!

We just need to bring attention to this wonderful series, as it is rather unknown in the majority of the gaming community.
I thought of all the ways I could help advertise without senseless begging.

So I am trying to whip up a short flash involving the characters.
Yet this requires more than just a little ol flash!

We need some serious manpower to help advertise!
So tell a friend, tell your family, tell those fun 2D gaming nuts their missing out on epic stuff!

Tell the world!
Shantae is back to hair-whip some tail!

Shantae: ½ Genie Hero


Posted by Valfire - July 19th, 2013

Lately I suspect I've been losing myself to the irrevelant.
Haven't been putting any input into any project, yet the plans and ideas keep coming.

Brings me back to the time I were still developing Project OMG 3.
As well as CT: Acension part 7...
Granted I doubt either one will ever see the light of day.

But as I mentioned previously I would like to do at least four more major releases before I zone out.
Enough about that though, works been slow.
Nuff said.

With school again on the horizon, I have been considering getting a small tablet to carry around.
As there is something about faculty pcs..

Maybe i'm a bit of a germaphobe.
Yet at the same time, it might be a bit unusual to say have certain elements spring up.

Case & point.

It makes one thing about a lot of things.
As everyone is up to their own assumption about what the story is.
I feel it's more of a message related to lust.

Even the lady could not deny her own inner demons, even as she ran.
Granted they still got the best of her.

On a side note, internal worms of lust and interdimentional portals explain why the pool hours are from 8 to 10.

Those accounts aside, I feel that flash is truly me time.
Many a good folk can spread and share their ideas, their dreams, and even vent their angers through it.
While it's fine to work from movies inside out, I can't truly recall a time I ever finished such a production.

Makes me wonder if it's even a good idea ...
I was considering releasing a most crapalicious movie I made in 2011 in a single week here on NG.
At the same time though, I know the movie's value and it's pretty ass bad.

Yet it's also that same attitude that won't get anything done.
I want to do more movies, even if they aren't stunning films.

Just like film films like I did in 2003.
And that was a damn fine year.

We shat out Project OMG 3, Final Fantasy Hood 5 , Dave Trigger : Royal Rumble, Acient 5, Link's Misery, and maybe a few others I can't think of.

And if your reading this Michael, you should be proud too.
You helped inspire me so much back then.

Also a few other props to people I worked with.
I hope lifes been treating all of you kindly.

And to Eric Roman I sure do hope you manage to defeat your demons, as simply said.
When it comes to Konami, as well as Castlevania.
You always spring to mind.

Even if I weren't always the best friend to some of you at times.
At least I hope I left you all with the better half of me somewhere.

As it is with many people , I am glad to have poured my childhood into SNES wonders.
Even though they don't make them like they used to, I wouldn't rather it any other way.

Though my word the last thirteen years just flew by.
Versus the days before that it seemed like they lasted forever.
I think it's all a conspiracy.

Speaking of conspiracies, theres been a lot of conspiracies going around.
Or theories at least.

Don't care to look into the matters much, but I do ponder if there have been many conspiracies that later turned out to be completely true.
And yet...

This can also come into play with relationships somehow.
For if we suspect were being cheated on, or if it's indeed us doing the cheating.
Lies spring up.

And when we actually believe the very lie we tell ourselves.
It gets very bad at that point.
As even words have their weight.

A weight which is gradually decreasing until even the words bear nothing to them.
We as people have grown impatient in recent years.
Especially with the rise of technologies.

Everythings all have to have it right here, right now, everywhere we go.
Probaly why the console gaming department isn't booming as it once did.

We got to get up, take the disc out, put the disc in the case, find the other game, open the case, put the case somewhere, put the disc in, get the controller, etc

A lot of people jumped onto a device, flick, press press, play.
Maybe it's a desire for communication of sorts.

One can't fully even concentrate on a movie or a once ritual atmospheric experience anymore.
Without checking SOMETHING on their phones at least once.

Like, if it's a new message on their social network or an email or whatever.
Respectfully, I can vouch for this feeling.
As I am this way at times.

People are indeed changing, and the question is where are we going at this rate?
I worry in the future we may not even feel the need to get out of bed for our devices will do everything.

Such a device I may purchase before I return to school.
Yet I might be without income for a while, unless someone cuts me a break.

Regrettably I found myself being more of a team player these days.
Unfortunately this 'team' being on WoW over there.
Sucks me off of my creativity block and into helping people do things for virtual property.
It disgusts me.

Speaking of virtual property.
It seems Adobe has lost their minds in recent month with their... 'cloud' software rental shmuck.
Had to run purchase a few old versions of their products, so it put me behind financially a bit.

Though all this cloud nowdays.
When I hear the word cloud , I think of what my cousin once said about urinating in the ocean.
About that 'nice warm cloud'.

Yeah its pretty vile.

EF Production Entry 09


Posted by Valfire - June 11th, 2013

After much trial and error I found myself finally stuck.
Development has been roughly at a standstill since late April.
Granted , the movie has no true direction at this point.

Course what movies of mine ever did have a direction?
Also, I took notice some of the voice actors were showing concern for some of the lines.
While I respect their concern, I have a vision.
And damn it I am going to see to it the original lines stay in there even if I have to voice those segments myself.

Yet I do ponder what is keeping me from truly animating up some more scenes...
As I mentioned I always got a lot of projects ongoing.

Yet between this being the only flash project, as well as another story i'd like to see told through some medium or another.
I personally think I am leaning more towards the latter project.

Many have diagnosed this as developmental hell.
Yet I've been lacking inspiration I suppose.
Then I worry too much.

While it may be hard I think I really do need to take a leave from work for a few months for the upcoming school season.
Perhaps a little leave of absence may prove fruitful.

In other news, I've been weighing my options about purchasing a MAC.
Yet without having and on hands feel or seeing one up close and in action.
My options are so limited.
Though honestly I have been nothing short of impressed with Apple's offerings in recent years.

Though it's more than inconvenient I am very ill informed about how the MAC software works.
(Such as the compatability with old versions of software as I like old versions of say Flash)

Then I'd probably have to go and hunt down each MAC version of such software.
It's all just thinking process for the time being.
Personally though I always wanted to try a MAC and see how true that phrase was.

Getting back to personal thoughts.
When one starts a project.
It's so invigorating and fresh and pure.
And usually things get so horribly tainted at one point or another.
Thus leaving us as well as the project compromised from our original ideas.

Lately, I have been undergoing thoughts about people I have worked with.
Some things left a rather bad taste in my mouth.
Particularly portions they assisted with.
So I am left to wonder.
Do I scrap the segments or just continue on?

As it feels rather disrespectful to cast their input off aside.

It's sad to wonder when it became so hard to heal.
Surely children to heal much faster but as we get older it get's unbearable if not impossible to heal.

I believe Jeremy Lokken made a movie once that about sums up how life can take us in and kill us in so many ways. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/53987

EF Production Entry 08


Posted by Valfire - March 20th, 2013

Where has the time gone?
Three months already..

Well I had a bit of down time as usual to play HoTs.
And it was the best friggin five days i've had in the past two years.

This is definately one of my most complex projects to date..
Though with any and every project.

The real task is to get the ideas out of mind and onto paper.
Or in this case, into flash.

I'll be honest, 2012 was pretty rough emotionally.
(Aside from the whole beating Mike Tyson thing)

Regardless, I am still pressing on with the project list.
Bluntly said I miss that ol scottish bloke I used to hang with.

Truly he was my inspriation at one point , though those days have long since come to past.
I remember back in 2001 on New Year's night watching Cartoon Network.
As they were having a special of showing the entire Garlic Jr. Saga of Dragonball Z.

During one of the commercials I saw a commercial for the American Hi-Fi album which had been released. (kind of weird as the Wiki article shows a different date) but dammit I remember it being on New Year's eve of 2001 or something.

Listening to that album, especially 'Safer On The Outside' almost brings tears to my eyes remembering how that song hit my teenage mentality like a brick.
And how quickly the years went by.

God, I remember the night I signed up for this NG account.
Still I remember how the portal system used to work, and how gritty the site was.

Not this 'Everything by Everyone' but 'The Problems Of The Future, Today!'
It was a cold place full of awesome sauce.
But still a cold place.

Randy Solemn , RIP you brilliant bastard you.
Seeing sprite films back then was beyond grasps of awesomeality back then.

Yet I knew what I wanted to become, a sprite flash maker.
And through much much work and a few other things in between.
I have yet a long way to go.

As the biggest and hardest task is to stick with something till the end.
Theres an endless ammount of unfinished projects and other things that will never see the light of day.

Though I am desperately trying to end this vicious cycle and finish project EF.

Sure it was written in 2007 or 2009 or something from a quickie idea.
Not to mention the lost alpha.

But damn it, I am going to see this to the end.
Regardless of all the hardships and everything else life pitches at me.

Got to keep it together and keep smiling.

EF Production Entry 07


Posted by Valfire - December 31st, 2012

Finally getting back on the ball with production with EF.

Felt a bit demotivated so I tried hooking up with some old mates.
As I feel more inspired when I got friends in continuous contact.
Guess it kind of gives me some inner motivation or feeling the need to impress them.

However none are presently available at this time.
So! It looks like the only motivation comes from the inside.

As not much as it is, it's a hell of alot better than it could be.
Regardless, I can't say too much for 2012 seeing as it's coming to an end.

Elsewise 2011 and 2012 were complete rubbish.
Except for beating Iron Mike.

I am afraid to announce that my work PC has died.
Though worry not (not that there is any) for I am simply going to relocate my hard drive onto my gaming pc.
So development has been on a mandatory vacation until later this week.

Though my word of advice.
Downloading videos of cursed video game footage can cause your PC to get possessed by satan.
Speaking of which I wonder if relocating the HD would be such a good idea...
Maybe I should get the Presario from out the closet.
Always rathered doing flash on that thing anyway.

Aside from supserstitions and demon possessed computers, I have not much else to report.
Though creatively speaking.

Does one think our interactions in rl experiences be it positive or negative.
Does such have impacts upon our work?

Regardless, I got the touch...

EF Production Entry 06


Posted by Valfire - November 21st, 2012

Been a while since I did an update, so I figured it was time.

It's been such a long time since I finally released any lengthy movie.
So naturally, I want to bring out some in the near future.

However I forgot just how much dedication these things take.
Fortunately, I won't let that get me down as I simply want to create entertainment.

Or at least some thingy with some sort of meaning.

Been dealing with some sort of morale issues lately.
As I think it's more fun to work with people.

Yet as of late those very peoples have gotten themselves all busy.
So I guess this truly is another solo project.

At least I am finally laying off the MMO games.
And back to retro!

I've been asking myself.
When will I know when this movie is truly done?

Surely theres a limit to even so much I can do with flash.
Yet is the problem the incapability to tween the way I want?

Or is it a lack of resources?
Fortunately I don't think these will be the cases.

As I think it all boils down to motivation if anything.
One can sit for hours upon end just trying to make one little thing look right.

Yet , to obtain that very mindset to work in can be hard to come by.
Especially with other complications.

Thats the worst really.
In any case, i'm still learning new tricks every corner.

And I am quite happy with the turnout on some of the things.
So heres to hoping I can complete EF in 2013!

EF Production Entry 05