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Has it been over three years already?


Doesn't seem like long ago I came to NG, hoping to rally up any sort of support for the next installment of the Shantae series.

And I finally got to sit down and play through the early backer exclusive verson for myself.


Coming from the previous installments, I can honestly say this game is legit.

I personally was distraught they announced they weren't going with sprites anymore shortly before Pirate's Curse was released.


And yet, to see how brilliantly colorful & well animated this game was.

This was without a doubt a step in the right direction for the Shantae series.


Admittedly I had no real idea who Shantae was until about 2012 when I came across a favorite character sort of meme.

Goes to show those things are useful for introducing interesting series & characters.


Somewhere between the lines Shantae rose in popularity and publicity.

Of course this is all just merely my perspective of things.


Thinking back to the ending of the Kickstarter, how they had a 24 hour marathon at the WayForward office(?)

Though I have secured all the video streams on a Bluray somewhere, I wish I could have recorded the twitch chat as well.

Alas my hardware wasn't quite up to the task.


Perhaps i'll upload those vidos on youtube sometime.

It's worth it to see Matt playing that beta of Risky's Revolution, or Shantae 1.5 as I like to call it.

It's a pretty brilliant concept with the way the revolution system works with the level layout.


And I was pleased to see some reoccuring elements redone into ½ Genie Hero.

I do hope they do something with the revolving levels in a future title, as well as the return of Spanky Joe.


To educate one's self it's required to view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGAIWQfYQWk

Personally I think this still looks to be what could have been the greatest GBA game.

Such fantastic ideas and execution!

They brought Shantae back from the dead, almost to a household name.

(Well maybe not quite but I will say her series is by far one of my favorites)


I want to see Risky's Revolution repurposed & reused in a new Shantae entry!

Of course to the newcomers, one may be scared off by the difficulty of the first game.


And admittedly I couldn't blame them.

The first one had it's flaws as well as it's perks.

Like a Day / Night system, multiple towns, and I daresay a lengthier entry in the series.


But the difficulty in it was also the real deal.

Mostly due to the pitfalls.

As well as that treacherous stretch from Scuttle Town to Water Town.


And yet... Although the first Shantae game was technically a commercial failure.

(Which you have the release of the GBA a year before to thank for that)


Regardless this is one of those series & games anyone can just pick up and play.

Especially the latter entries.


I just find myself wanting another open world entry with a day / night system.

With multiple towns and the like.

As well, as one thing I loved about Pirate's Curse & Risky's Revenge.

Was the ability to visit the outside of Shantae's home.


I always kind of wanted to enter it freely alas they never quite made it so as of yet.

Perhaps purchase furnishing or decorations for it would be a fun thing to do with extra gems.


I swear theres more that needs to happen there, like the game usually starts off at Shantae's house and that's generally all you see of it for the rest of the game.

Although Shantae ½ Genie Hero & Pirate's Curse show you the inside of her lighthouse.


Yet still no free entry at the player's leisure.

Not just the outside!
Grieves me a bit it does.


Getting back to the Kickstarter.

I feel that the game was pretty bare in a sense, like, the additional chapters provided by the kickstarter.

'Fire & Forget', and 'Sequin of Unfortunate Events'.

Had they not been funded I couldn't imagine how short this game would have been.

I guess the format changed alot during development, though considering how polished it all is, it's quite acceptable.


None the less.

It's amazing really to see how far Shantae has come.


To see her revived and thriving better than ever fourteen years later.

WayForward always had a certain flavor to their colorful vibrant character designs.


So whats next for WayForward?

Mayhaps a new project, or perhaps a return of Sigma Star Saga?

(That's wishful hoping on my part alas)


We are indeed living in a good time my friends.

WayForward truly is living up to their name.


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